Smart Streaming Platform
SSP Smart Contract can be initialized by anyone by paying a fee of $POLM. The functionalities include:
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    Reward Pool: the reward pool contains tokens that need to be distributed. The source of these tokens include:
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      Platform Owner: SSP owner will credit a certain % of the supply (of own token created via coin creator) to be distributed to the artists.
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      Subscription fee: Listeners pay a subscription fee (in the SSP token, created using the coin creator pallet) to the SSP Smart Contract in order to get access. In this case, for any given account, the frontend will be able to retrieve the last payment date and amount so that subscription status can be calculated and appropriate service can be delivered.
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    Royalty Dispatcher: The off-chain worker will send a signed transaction (from an approved account that’s predefined) to the SSP Smart Contract in the following fashion:
The Royalty Dispatcher must calculate if the request exceeds 10% of daily_reward_pool (reward_pool/365days) and process payments hourly. It must also block payments if the total payments in the last 24 hours exceed the daily_reward_pool. Once the fail-safe filter approves, the amount is deducted from the reward pool and sent to the RoyaltySplitter for further processing.
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