Royalty Splitter Pallet
Any royalty payment that needs to be processed for a song will go through the Royalty Splitter, royaltySplitter(to:src_ipfs,amount:u256,tokenId:u256)
The royalty splitter retrieves the ownership shares from Smart Record Contracts (SRC) and splits the payments to multiple stakeholder's wallets based on ownership weights mentioned in the SRC. The currency is split between the following categories:
  • Master Share - Shareholders of the master rights of particular music.
  • Composition Rights - Shareholders of the composition rights of particular music.
  • Other Contracts - Other SRCs could be referred within an SRC, and such revenues will be split further by calling the royaltySplitter again.
  • Crowdfunding Share - PolkaMusic also provides a crowdfunding facility where the crowdfund participants will receive a newly generated token with unique_id. The token will be used to determine the current holder and any earnings will be shared among the holders.
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