PolkaMusic File System
When a user creates a Smart Record Contract, she will be asked for the music file as well as the album cover. These files, if saved on public IPFS storage, can be retrieved by anyone with no royalty benefit to the artist. Therefore, PolkaMusic uses PolkaMusic File System, a permissioned version of IPFS where access is controlled by the Smart Record Contract that contains an Access Control List (ACL).
The modified IPFS client will serve files to the requestor only if the permission is approved in the ACL. This offers transparent, public, and verifiable access without a central controller. Control is always in the hands of the data owner, the Smart Record Contract author.
It must be noted that the above-mentioned file storage mechanisms are based on high latency storage solutions and are for data transfer between the artist and the Smart Streaming Platforms and the PolkaMusic Oracle. The SSPs will have to maintain a local cache in order to serve files to the end-user in order to deliver the best user experience.
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