PolkaMusic Oracle
Traditional Streaming Platforms such as Spotify, YouTube etc cater to billions of listeners on a daily basis, therefore, over 200+ such platforms will be connected to PolkaMusic blockchain through the PolkaMusic Oracle. As a result of this integration, we are able to:
  • Distribute Music - During the creation of an SRC, the artist/creator can choose to distribute music to all the SSPs built on PolkaMusic as well as all the traditional streaming platforms connected to the blockchain.
  • Collect Royalties - The royalties are generated every month. Such royalties will be collected by the oracle, tokenized into a stable coin, and sent to the appropriate SRC along with PMFS reference to the stream reports.
The SRC can include a reference to crowdfund token, in which case the royalty splitter will automatically distribute a part of the incoming payment to all the crowdfund token holders.
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